The Great British Baking Show S.10 – The Final

Another season of The Great British Baking Show has come to an end and while our three finalists did their best, there was a clear front runner who’s unique flavors and designs stood above the rest! However, the final challenges of series 10 may have left a little to be desired. Baker for Life! (Team Jake) struggled to get his technical to really GEL, The Tammy Faye Baker (Team Katie) may have missed an un-BEE-lievable opportunity and Team jdSm  (Team Kimberly) had to FACE some hard truths in the Showstopper. But when all the flour settled, Kimberly, Katie and Jake are all in agreement that while the finale offerings may have been a little underbaked the chosen winner did plenty throughout the season to prove herself a true champion. Congratulations to the incredibly talented winner! And thank you all for joining us for a truly epic teams edition of A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Baking One for the Team!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Patisserie Week

It’s the semifinals of The Great British Baking Show and four lonely bakers remain to face the challenges of pastry desserts…again…because Pastry Week just happened.  Unfortunately, the flaky confections happen to be one baker’s Achilles high heel, and one of the biggest personalities to grace the Bake Off tent is heading off to spread his sunshine and rainbows elsewhere. This means Team Kimberly, Team Katie and Team Jake miraculously each have one remaining team member to fight for the elusive cake platter prize in the series 10 finale. But leading up to this finale a critical article was written, questions have been raised surrounding bread week, jokes have gone mysteriously missing throughout the season and suspicions are heightened about the judges and their knowledge of common flavor pairings. Release the Swedish Kraken! It’s A DATE WITH THE BAKE: The Curious Case of P&P and the Perilous PB&J!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Pastry Week

Thank the baking gods that Pastry week is finally here in The Great British Baking Show so that Katie can stop going on long winded diatribes about it!  It’s here. And it’s rough (puff).  The challenges prove to be mildly traumatic for the bakers, mildly disappointing for the judges and a complicated range of emotions for Kimberly, Katie and Jake. Bakers who have been in the upper crust in past weeks are crumbling and one baker who had been sconed by the judges in the past is really chouxing up the competition. As we roll into the semi-final it’s still a toss up who’s team will be eclaired the winner! On your mark… Get set… A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Filo She Better Don’t!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Custard Week

It’s the halfway mark and as the Great British Baking Show tent loses its filling, so to speak, the remaining bakers need to perfect a filling of their own. It’s Custard Week! Team Kimberly is down to one MVP who is really picking up steam in the competition. Team Katie is holding at two bakers, but you might not know it as their screen time is severely lacking. Will Team Jake be able to hold on to his THREE bakers after a pretty disastrous ice cream technical that sunk many bakers in a watery waffle cone grave? Well, the proof is in the pudding.  The race for the finish is on and it’s anyone’s guess who will walk away with the beloved cake plate! On Your Mark… Get Set… Ting that Custard… with A DATE WITH THE BAKE!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Halloween Week

Ghosts, goblins, ghouls and one extra scary rogue astronaut have descended upon the Bake Off tent to create bakes to die for in The Great British Bake Off’s first ever Halloween Week! But it’s not all about simply creating eerie-sistable good treats this time, it’s also about figuring out the trick to getting flavors and design bubbling together in the same cauldron.  Kimberly, Katie and Jake have watched their teams dwindle as their bakers are picked off week after week. So, who will be done in this time by the glare from the Camp Crystal Lake blue eyes of Paul Hollywood? Or is there a new apple of his eye? And will this new Halloween theme just leave everyone wanting s’more? Find out in this spooktacular edition of A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Bone Appetit!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Dessert Week

Alone on a dessert island our 8 remaining bakers have to bake their way back to civilization one delicious pudding at a time. Not really, but we are halfway through series 10 of The Great British Baking Show and half of our beloved bakers have already been voted off the (floating) island! Team Kimberly, Team Katie and Team Jake each have at least 2 bakers left in the tent and at this point it’s anyone’s game. Sandro is coming up strong (both literally and culinarily), Syabira is multi talented in a multitude of cuisines and Maxy is the soft spoken confiseur that no one saw coming. Find out who edges closer to the winner’s cake stand in this episode of A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Pud up or Shut up!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Mexican Week

The Great British Baking Show takes a hiatus from is regularly scheduled baking and tries to bring some multi-culturalism into the tent with a new International week called Mexican Week! It’s a lively romp from beginning to end with everyone getting into the south of the border spirit and producing interesting takes on classic Mexican dishes using classic Mexican flavors! Except it didn’t really happen that way… Team Kimberly is holding on by a thread of melted cheese, Team Jake is having some difficulties with the taco-ness of it all, and Team Katie has a real high and some real guacamol-lows. So grab a Jarritos ( or maybe actually this calls for a cerveza) and prepare for the first ever and probably only Mexican Week coverage from A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Chili con Carnage.

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Bread Week

Yeasterday… all our troubles seemed so far away. But now its Bread Week in the bake off tent for the Great British Baking Show and every baker’s buns are on the line! Team Kimberly, Team Katie and Team Jake try to “prove” their worth. And while a few really desperately “knead” improvement, one baker “rises” to the top of the pack! Will K,K & J be able to cinnamon roll with the punches? Find out in this weeks coverage of A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Gluten for Punishment!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Cake Week/Biscuit Week

Aaaaaaand their off!! New bakers are in the tent and Kimberly, Katie and Jake are ready to cheer on their teams. Kimberly’s team JDSM has highs and lows with a Hollywood handshake and a young baker sent home early. Katie’s team The Tammy Faye Bakers has the exact same journey except Katie still has some extra bitterness (not from Carole’s chicory) but losing out  on her number 1 draft pick. And team Jake, Baker For Life, starts strong with two of his bakers showing some advanced skill and getting high marks in the personality department. So who WILL be setting the baking bar high in Cake Week and Biscuit Week? And who WILL crumble under the pressure? Find out in the premiere double episode of A DATE WITH THE BAKE: Smells Like Team Spirit!

The Great British Baking Show S.10 – Choosing the Teams

It’s a new year… a new tent… and 12 shiny new best of British bakers are going to try their luck over the next 10 weeks to become the new Great British Baking Show Champion!  And those aren’t the only new ingredients in the mixer. This year A Date with The Bake is trying something new! TEAMS! Kimberly, Katie and Jake will each have 4 of the 12 bakers on their respective teams and will be reporting on their progress throughout the Bake-Off Season! This Pre-Episode 1 reveals the results of a very in-tents draft to create the teams with K, K and J only having watched the introductions to the new bakers in the Episode 1 signature challenge. Who’s team will prove to be winners and who will be left with the soggy bottoms? Find out in this prologue to a brand new season of A DATE WITH THE BAKE!